"Love Train" by Holly Johnson - number 21 this week in 1989.

A very uplifting 1st single by Holly after the break-up of Frankie Goes To Hollywood - and a nice ‘Riddler’ suit in the video too !

"Come Into My Life" by Joyce Sims - number 8 this week in 1988.

Chosen purely because it’s a great song with that late 80’s smooth American production - it still sounds lovely now. I wonder whatever happened to Joyce Sims?

"Land of Confusion" by Genesis - number 14 this week in 1987.

'Iconic' is a much over-used word these days, but this is a video that surely deserves that description, perfectly capturing the zeitgeist of the time. And although it's hard to believe now, Genesis were still quite cool then….honest…..

"It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)" by Eurythmics - number 39 this week in 1986.

Without a doubt, this is my favourite Eurythmics song - and I still can’t get over how amazing Annie Lennox looks in this video. After seeing her for years as an androgynous figure with cropped hair, she looked so feminine here which I think made a lot of people at the time go “uh..hello!”

"Thank You My Love" by Imagination - number 35 this week in 1985.

Yes, I know it’s schmaltzy and even bland - BUT this song gets me blubbing like a good ‘un every time I hear it, which isn’t too often because I’m always a mess by the end. It just gets me somewhere - which is what makes it great.

"What Is Love?" by Howard Jones - number 2 this week in 1984.

Rather like the Joe Jackson video making me want to go to New York, this one really made me want to go to Paris. And when I eventually did around 20 years later, even though I was only there for a day, I made sure I went to the Pompidou Centre to see the water fountains & sculptures featured midway through this video.

"Steppin’ Out" by Joe Jackson - number 19 this week in 1983.

Yes, it’s a great song - who can resist that pulsing yet restrained beat? But this video, directed by Steve Barron, (check his Wikipedia page for the sheer number of great 80’s videos made by him) totally stands in its own right as one of the best of the decade. The traffic, road sign & building lights flashing in time to the music are compelling and Joe himself makes a classic ‘Englishman in New York’, the little look up to the hotel he gives at the end being the icing on the cake. This song & video made me ACHE to visit New York.

"Wedding Bells" by Godley & Creme - number 17 this week in 1982.

Not the best quality footage, but still worth posting as this is a great song. Many apologies for Simon Bates introducing them - get past him and you’re fine…..

"Too Nice To Talk To" by The Beat - number 20 this week in 1981.

Possibly the most underrated of the ska/2-Tone groups, all of their albums are worth a listen.